Dog wear handmade video manual

This is a video manual available only to people who purchase our instruction manuals.
There is a video for each step in the instructions.
Click on the cover image of each instruction to play the video.
* There is no video for step 01 as it only contains simple information about the materials required.

① Click “Movie” on a menu bar or enter the URL at the top page of recipe PDF you bought in any web browser like Chrome.

② Click a product’s name in the side bar  when you already at  “Dog wear handmade video manual” page.

③ You need password to watch our video. The password is on the top page of recipe PDF. Click “Enter” after you confirmed typed the password. *Each product’s video has different password, so you are only able to watch video you purchased recipes.

④ Click start button(the red circle below a picture). Tool bar below the video, you can pose and start the video.